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And that is not what feeling manly is about Thank you so much taking time to point this out.

Thanks Submitted by Billi Gordon Ph. I can't even take most of it seriously and came here with higher expectations Are you new to PT? The Goddess A guy gets an unexpected visit.

Dollie's Living Fantasies Ch. Lesbian tit punishment. Remain fabulous and phenomenal. Sexy lonely girl. If you have something concrete to debate great, I welcome it but otherwise, please do not mistake me for someone who cares what you think. Also I have observed if you are typing a word that you type less often that is similar to a word you type frequently, you sometimes automatically type the second word, which I suspect is automaticity physical memory stored in the body Leave this field blank.

I think you anonymous, not Del may be confusing matrilineal with matriarchal. All humans fear intimacy. Sucking his porky pink dick. Men, if you want women to listen to you, try being sensitive to the points I just mentioned. Sexy hot girls tied up. Thanks for commenting Submitted by Billi Gordon Ph. If me need to feel big in the sens women have to troke their egos, it does not mean they need to feel big but superior.

Click here for Google Plus. It is very important that women are successful in dating, pleasing men and playing a strange game of cat and mouse. Adblock users get a week free. My Earth friend, Steve, tells his story. The Industrial Elf Ch. Again, if you have to ask, the answer is not good. Eat, Prey, Lust Even gigolos know love shouldn't fuck with business. Daddy's Dream Come True The story below is not true and is just something made up.

Click here to like Obesely Speaking on Facebook. Women are defensive because, we get tired of hearing about our faults and shortcomings and how we could make the world a better place by just letting "men be men" and accepting all of their flaws, because they cannot control themselves, blah blah, blah.

The article just tells the truth, so your issue is not with me, it's with the truth, and the nerve it strikes in you.

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Seltzer et al Evolution and Human Behavior. So when I come accross intelligent feminist women, I want to support them. Lesbian opera singer. There have been societies where women enjoyed equal status to men. She Stood in a Shadowed Doorway Lonely man meets a lady of the night.

You gave them the right when you decided to put your opinion on a website and then call it "the truth," and "Science. No where did I say anything about stroking anybody's ego, or being subservient or dominated. I'm not saying I'm any good at it, just that it honestly comes from a place of understanding and compassion.

If you do not like my delivery, or the points I make, why do you continue reading the stuff I write? Danielle's Reawakening Danielle finds new love with a man. That is, why would you think that women, who begin their day by making up their faces, are not the least bit interested in certain truths, such as: Weekend One The intersecting sex lives of three lonely city people.

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Likewise, a readily available woman has less appeal. Sexy lonely girl. Thanks for commenting Submitted by Billi Gordon Ph. According to Billi Gordon, not having success in the dating arena will be deadly, you will die. Evil angel lesbian videos. And when I see that they got hurt by someone I see as a fellow feminist, I want to help everyone reconcile.

I knew this would anger those who believe that because they are females and they are angry that makes this feminist. I know that feeling. Submitted by Girl on May 12, - 4: Humans are hunters and gathers, so we value items that are more difficult to acquire.

Funny how are constantly Submitted by Anonymous on April 13, - You are seeing this message either because your Flash Player is outdated or because your browser does not support HTML5 player. Submitted by Del on April 12, - 9: World without Men Men were becoming extinct; all new-born children were girls. The Cum Collector Ch. The Lonely Lady A lonely lady meets a door-to-door missionary.

A fellow Michigan alum, proofs my stuff for grammatical errors. Something from Nothing Ch. Hot milf gets fucked hard. A man typing this very same thing would be viewed as articulate, intelligent, and observant but of course, I'm just another angry, bitter female, bashing a man for telling "the truth," as he so eloquently keeps calling it.

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NUDE SEXY POSITION Thank you for commenting Submitted by Billi Gordon Ph.
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