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He always wanted to run. The cover has certainly gotten a lot of attention since the paper tweeted it out Saturday night, but it also brings into question how the media should cover family members of presidential candidates.

When President Trump and Melania took a trip to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, the most talked about aspect of the meeting had nothing to do with what the two leaders had discussed, but rather a small action done by the First Lady. Abby winters big tits. Some of the photos had never been published — until the conservative-leaning Post, which endorsed Trump in the New York primaries, somehow got its hands on them. Melania trump nude pics. A couple of points in the polls? Melania Trump is definitely the first of her kind in the White House.

This photo and others like it soon went viral on social media. President Trump and the First Lady did their duty and went to visit those affected by the horrible hurricanes that devastated the United States and Puerto Rico in September of The dress was so big in fact that she was advised to have a good meal before walking down the aisle so she could support the weight of the fabric and its accouterments.

The rumors started during the campaign, and the first dance they shared at his inauguration ball just fueled the fire. They published nude photos of his wife to sabotage us.

Here are President and Mrs. Children of politicians have also been dragged into the press. Public displays of affection are always a touchy subject. The second he turns back around, that smile immediately turns into a solemn frown. Snapchat milf nudes. The setting is Washington, D. Is kissing Trump like kissing a toad?

Melania stands in front of the American flag, looking about as grim as ever. Maybe she just feels awkward being serenaded by ballerinas in her own home. Want to see more sexy photos of hot near-nude celebrities and stars? Then, Ivana was asked whether she thought Melania was doing a good job in her official role. Melania is fluent in five languages: Whatever the truth may be, Melania has given the media plenty of material to keep them talking about her.

Never mind that many are freshly outraged over his treatment of the Khan family. On the day that Melania became First Lady, pictures of her looking sad and disappointed made their way around the internet.

I know the truth. The pair was not yet married at this time, although they had been dating for more than six years. The perpetrators could have been thinking about inciting the kind of scandal that in led to the downfall of Miss America Vanessa Williams.

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What better way to greet a brand new year than by commissioning a wax sculpture of yourself?

There's no denying the spawn of The Donald is as hot as she is smart. English milf movies. And yet here is the First Lady, completely naked in front of the camera for all to see. You may unsubscribe at any time. Sure, he has the money and the trail of women to prove it. This photo captured the moment that Melania Trump stepped off the plane in Washington, D. Melania trump nude pics. Let me repeat that: My mother was a fashion designer so it was always in my blood.

Slovenian, English, French, Serbian and German. Melania has been through a lot, and has undergone some pretty serious backlash on social media. This picture and many others like it quickly went viral on social media.

It shows Melania accompanying her husband to Houston in stiletto heels. Slapping big black tits. Never mind that many are freshly outraged over his treatment of the Khan family. The billboards have now been taken down and the American Institute has issued an apology. The internet naturally ran wild with tons of bad jokes that spread like wildfire, but in reality, she really rocked that hat like a champ. Her husband was one of her biggest supporters throughout her career, so he obviously never had an issue with the type of images she released at the time.

Subscribe to our other newsletters. I have never held so much animosity towards a person whom I have not met. Implied nudity is one thing, but full frontal nudity is a whole other ball game. Melania looks completely bored out of her mind by both her company and the game.

Hope everyone stay safe! And neither should you. Shaggy sexy girl. The year after the last photo was taken, Melania married the future president in a lavish ceremony. The couple rarely shows photos of their wedding after receiving harsh criticism about the expensive of the event coupled with their lack of philanthropy.

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Female celebrities taking off their clothes for films, TV or photos is nothing shocking and no longer career-ending. While they were there to hand out supplies to those in need, the internet predictably jumped all over the couple.

If not someone from the Trump camp, who else would want to get these photos published.

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