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The Regression Revolution had different meanings for different people. Ex gf lesbian porn. Gosh she loved diapers so much. Nikko loves the warm, wet sensation. Messy adult diaper girl. There were rumours the pacifers were coated with some kind of mind altering drug which made you want to keep sucking it and wearing the diapers.

Ashley went to Dr. Reblogged 1 day ago from matzey. Wetting her diaper made her feel sexy. Experimentally you grope the smooth plastic shell of her padded bum. You should try it too. Free hardcore lesbian movies. She would often crouch on the carpet, confidently spread her legs, suck on her thumb, and piss her diaper. With today being a relatively easy Friday workload she wanted to really get into diaper space. Reblogged 12 hours ago from lilbabyrachel 2, notes.

One she was facing her stepmother she stopped kneeling and plopped herself down onto her messy bum. Apparently, there was some kind of prize at the end, and both Samus and Peach wanted it, whatever it was. But she was at work and play would have to wait for later.

Why are you wearing a diaper? Even if her diaper leaked, Felecia loved the feeling of warm, golden pee streaming down her sexy legs. Reblogged 1 day ago from mamasbbybunny notes.

She begins to massage her stomach. So proud of baby Belle she is home visiting her parents and has to wear her diaper now every night like it or not. Plus they were a complete turn on. With no memory of how she got home or how the appointment had gone, she knew she had to call the doctor immediately. In the middle of the room her stepdaughter knelt on the floor with her thickly diapered butt up in the air. Nude erotic ass. But I soon realized that the benefits predominated the cons by far.

Julie understood what the people had been talking about online. Reblogged 12 hours ago from kinky--mess. The smell certified a thought that she had been having before coming into the room. She had to experience more.

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The next time Ashley woke up was even worse though.

She decided to give the diaper dating sites another go, since the influx of people wearing diapers meant she was bound to meet some people she had more in common with. Did you pee your diapee? Calling her "mommy" and "mama" was starting to become a second nature of mine, and it wasn't so weird anymore when she called while I was at work, I'd call her "mom".

She knew every meme and kept up on dozens of subreddits. Lesbian thong videos. Moyer because she was supposedly the best hypnotist in the country. Crystal left the day after, just like she said she would. They sighed up for a messing contest, where each girl would try to fill up their diaper as much as possible, and at the end, the fullness of their diaper would be measured and weighed by a third party, in this case, Princess Daisy.

The next time she woke up was even worse. On the other hand, she'd call me pet names like "baby girl" and "princess". She would often crouch on the carpet, confidently spread her legs, suck on her thumb, and piss her diaper.

Besides, look how great our asses look. She would of course get some second looks but Orla recognised this as people checking out her padded behind, it made her feel really sexy. Reblogged 1 day ago from kinky--mess. She had a pacifier in her mouth that she was sucking on furiously and a magic wand firmly pressed against her diaper that was making her shake with pleasure.

Even as a child she liked wearing her diapers. Nude sex kim kardashian. Messy adult diaper girl. Somehow, she had brought herself home, bought herself diapers, changed into one, and wet it! In the morning she has trouble remembering that she even woke up at all. Julie felt so naughty when she bought her first pack of diapers. But you get used to it. There were rumours the pacifers were coated with some kind of mind altering drug which made you want to keep sucking it and wearing the diapers.

So, she visited Dr.

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Not that this surprised anyone. That realisation made you shut the door resolutely. She needs to pee, so since she is wearing a diaper anyway, she intentionally lets go, filling the diaper with her warm urine. She felt herself smiling widely, and then realized that she was holding the front of her dress up high, proudly showing the doctor what was beneath.

She squishes it, showing just how soaked it is, and turns around so we can see how saggy it is on her bottom. Brandy blair nude. She does it because, obviously it feels amazing, but also it reminds her that the diaper is thick and trustworthy. Samus and Peach were filling at ab.

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